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KL Man Warns Of Local ‘Handicapped’ Scammer, Intentionally Hitting Cars


The place where you’re painfully reminded that many of your old school friends are now lunatics, and half of your extended family is still playing Farmville.

For one Kuala Lumpur-area man, it’s where you go to post words and images of warning to fellow netizens regarding the latest scam to come out of PJ (a KL suburb).

Locals won’t even flinch when we reveal that the alleged set-up happened around the well-known food and hawker hub ‘hood, SS2 — with that much traffic, it’s essentially a scammer’s paradise.

Ng Jhen Hau posted a video and accompanying photographs to his Facebook account earlier this week, alleging that a man driving an electric scooter intentionally cut into the opposing lane, and attempted to knock into his car.

Writing that he managed to stop in time, the gentleman still proceeded to push himself onto Ng’s car, subsequently fall to the ground (101 at the Neymar School of Theatrics), and alleged that the driver hit him.

Thinking on his feet, Ng quickly bluffed that he had a dashcam, and would easily show that not only did he not hit the man, the man intentionally threw himself on the ground in an attempt to extort some kind of compensation.

Ng alleges that the suspect quickly bounced to his feet, sat on his scooter, and told him that he was handicapped. Probably not the best thing to claim after you’ve shown dexterity jumping off and back on your scooter, sir.

Telling fellow users to be wary of the man, he also added that he filed a police report on the matter. The post has since been shared 12,000 times, with nearly 700,000 views.